Friday, July 23, 2010

Camp Albums....

For the second year one of the scrapbook websites hosted a "camp" where they give you challenges and you can enter contests. Last year it was very small...this year it was huge! The prizes are based on chance, not skill, but I wanted to use the opportunity to get some projects done. I was actually able to accomplish something!

Each year I do a mini camp album for Emily. If I had known she would be there for five years, I may have done one big combined album...DUH! That said, some of my favorite albums have been her camp albums.
The first year I used a simple photo album and Cosmo Cricket paper (I love their stuff)
This was a fun project because I put each photo on the outside of the insert, forming a pocket between the front photo and the back photo. I had MANY photos that year so I printed all of them, added ribbon and then placed the extra photos inside the photo pockets with the ribbons sticking out (the little ink pad is only in there to keep it open for the photo-LOL)

The second year Liam was born the second to last day of camp (Parent's Day so I had only the photos my Mom took). Instead of doing an all Lindgren album, I did a summer flip-flop album.
Last year I decided to do a "tie-dye" theme because they tie-dye at her camp. I experimented using a clear, acrylic cover, alcohol ink and Spin-Art.

This year for my "camp" assignment I worked on the first three pages of this summer's camp album.

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