Sunday, August 2, 2009

The party is over!

I cannot believe another convention is behind me...I'm already looking forward to 2010! I had an amazing time and took some terrific classes. This year it wasn't the quantity (since I usually take more) but the quality. I actually learned a lot which honestly doesn't always happen! I still haven't unpacked and as usual none of my projects are finished but I don't care! I had a blast . :)
I won the Paper Crafts contest again this year which is always nice! There weren't many entries which is sort of sad but there isn't much insentive to enter to be honest. :( The prizes are really lame (I hate to sound ungrateful but they are so blah) and I've never heard of anyone getting published with a convention layout/card. Oh well, for me it's the fun of doing it so I figure, why not? Sadly my card will not be returned so I'm glad I have the photos. I made a similar "tie dye" for the CK Camp contest and won that too! (After seeing "Hair" on broadway in May, I sort of find myself in a "hippie" phase at the moment-LOL) This birthday card was made using a clear piece of acrylic, alcohol ink and my daughter's "Spin Art" machine. I was amazed that it worked so well!! As far as submitting to CKC, I think this will be the last time but I certainly won't give up on other contests. :)
I'll post some convention photos when I actually get something done...I hope to do some scrappy work this weekend! :)