Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I've been doing...

The past month has been a crazy time in my life. I thought things were supposed to CALM DOWN at the end of the school year! I guess not! Since I last posted I turned 40 and once again started a new 365 project. So far it's been fun and although I thought I would do less journaling this time around...I was kidding myself. I guess that's who I am so it is what it is!
I've been working on a few creative things during the last few weeks. The first ,was the quilt that I designed for Emily's teacher. Since I don't sew, someone else did the sewing but I chose the fabric, etc. I thought brighter would be better since it will hang in a classroom and Em's teacher is a hippie at heart. Tie-dye and peace signs are perfect!

I worked on a birthday book for myself. It's not quite finished but almost there! It started out as a kit which I switched around and made my own. It was supposed to be a "2010" year in review type thing but I made it a 40th birthday book instead.

I'm currently working on something for my dining room wall. I was hoping to get it done by Father's Day...but I didn't come close to finishing. :( Here is a sneak peek...I hope to finish soon!

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