Thursday, September 30, 2010

OK...I'm back and getting scrappy!

"School"...a dreaded word in my house. For some, school means freedom from the chaos, for me it means the chaos is about to begin! As always, I had high hopes for accomplishing projects this summer and as always I got little done. Having a busted thyroid didn't help and surgery helped even, I have to give myself a break I suppose. In the meantime, I have to get my act together and start to create again or I will simply go INSANE! In an effort to juggle being Class Mom for two kids, Brownie Leader, Newsletter Chair, PTO member, etc., I thought this year I would make a date book JUST for school activities. I have a section for both Emily and Liam where I will write my class party shopping list, reminders, etc. I then added a calendar page for each day of the month, mapping out what needs to be done. Between each page is a clear, top-loading sheet protector that I'll use as a folder. I can add notices, etc. and then there's the folder at the end of the book for my class phone lists. I could have used a "normal" calendar but how much fun is THAT? This way I have something cute to carry from place to place!


I'm working on cleaning my scrap space (as usual) and I'm also going to continue working on Emily's camp album from this summer. I actually used the same paper for that AND my new date book. Shhhh! ;-)

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